Strider Awards Nominations 2017

We need you to cast your minds back over the past year and think about who in the club has done something special. For those of you new to the club, we give out awards at the annual ball so I need your nominations to help the committee decide who to give the awards to. 
The categories are:
- most improved
- inspiration
- best newcomer, and
- determination.
Complete the form below to send us your nominations. It really helps us if you can give a reason too as the club is so big that we don't know what everyone has been up to. The more information you can give us, the better.

We also need you to nominate local charities please in preparation for the Santa Run. We have a different charity every year to donate the proceeds to.

Please only vote once, or if you change your mind, include a note to say so!

Many thanks.


The club member you think has improved the most in the past year.
Which club member has inspired you in your running?
Which person has joined the club in the last year and has done the best since starting?
Which club member has shown the most determination this year?
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