Dominic's group route plans

For previous routes see the archive of routes from Astley Sports Village and older routes from the Village years

Monday efforts

The efforts are an extra element to your training, giving you the opportunity to work hard, but please

  • be extra vigilant when running fast during the efforts
  • pay special attention to entrances, doorways and corners where we could startle a member of the public
  • be considerate to other members of the group and other pavement users
  • give each other plenty of space!

After your effort please loop to the back of the group or wait to help keep the group together.

Mon 21/1/19 - 6m Two of the finest Park Roads Tameside has to offer

Down YT, R CHR, over High St, Tame St, L Park Rd [Effort 1: to Sandy Ln] over Sandy Ln Park Rd continues, Wharf St, Charles St [Effort 2: from the bend to the top] R Astley St,. Globe, Globe Ln [Effort 3: from opp Ryder Trucks entrance to 30mph sign] Ponte Bianco, R Victoria St, becomes Duki Rd, L Throstlebank St, over Old Rd to Park Dv, R Park Rd, L Clarendon Rd [Effort 4: from the far side of the police station entrance up to the lights] L Ashton Rd, R CHR, R YT, Asltey.