Speed/Hill sessions

Mike Mason and Callum Parkinson are running regular speed and hill workouts. These are open to everybody, you don't have to be fast or experienced to come to the sessions. The way the sessions work means it doesn't matter how fast people are, they will still fit in.

Working on speed and hills will add helpful variety to your training, enhance your fitness and, under the watchfull eyes of Mike and Callum you will improve the way you run.

If you have not tried one before do come along and give it a go. If you want to know more before trying for the first time just speak to Mike or Callum at the club.

The sessions alternate between speed and hills on a regular schedule as shown below.

Speed and hill session schedule
Date Coach Type
Mon 29th Jan Callum Parkinson Speed Session
Wed 7th Feb Mike Mason Hill Session
Mon 12th Feb Rest Week
Mon 19th Feb Callum Parkinson Hill Session
Mon 26th Feb Rest Week
Wed 7th Mar Mike Mason Speed Session
Mon 19th Mar Callum Parkinson Speed Session
Wed 21st Mar Mike Mason Hill Session