Club Championships

Each year we nominate a variety of races for our Club Championships.

For 2019 they are:

Date Race Distance Terrain Link
Sun 3 Feb Mad Dog 10k Road
Sat 16-Mar Hyde parkrun parkrun Mixed
Sat 23-Mar Cheshire 10k @ Arley Hall 10k Road
Sun 07-Apr Grindleford Peak Trail 5-6k 5k Trail
Sat 20-Apr Glossop Parkrun parkrun Mixed
Thu 02-May Buxworth 5 5m Road
Sun 19-May Manchester 10k 10k Road
Sat 01-Jun Chadderton Hall parkrun parkrun Mixed
Sun 16-Jun Hyde 7 7m Road
Thu 27-Jun Sale Sizzler (best one counts) 5k Path
Sun 07-Jul Alderly Edge Bypass 10k 10k Road
Thurs 11 & 25 July Sizzlers (Best one counts) 5k Paths
tbc Black Knight Charge 10k Trail
Thu 08-Aug Sale Sizzlers (Best one counts) 5k Paths
Wed 21-Aug Predict your time Striding through the woods 5k Trail Club organised run round the STtW route without a watch
Sat 07-Sep Fletcher Moss parkrun parkrun Path
Sun 29-Sep Woodford (Stk) 10k Mixed
Sat 19-Oct Warrington RC 5mile 5m Multi
Sun 27-Oct Milltown Half Marathon Half Road
Sun 10-Nov Windmill 10k 10k Road
Sat 23-Nov Hyde parkrun parkrun Mixed

Finally there is a marathon, any marathon of your choice as long as it appears on RunBritain and is before the end of November


They might sound tricky but basically it is simple

  • Nobody has to take part but it is open to all members
  • Enter a race in the series
  • Run it as fast as you can
  • Get a score and we will award points for each race to all runners based on the score
  • Your best 6 races count

Your race points will be based on RunBritain scores (see below) awarded for each race. The only requirement to score in the Club Champs is that you already have a RunBritain Ranking based on 4 or more races.

You can go and claim your ranking online here. Be sure to include Hyde Village Striders as your club when entering.

If you haven’t run the 4 races to set your Handicap you will need to run some before you start scoring in the Club Champs. If you have run races in the past you can get them added to your profile by clicking the Add Performance link and finding the races you have run (ask if you need pointing in the right direction). Once you have a score based on 4 races you can begin scoring in the Champs.

There is a bit of an explanation of RunBritain scoring below but simply it is a good way of levelling the playing field and allowing slower runners to compete against the speedier ones in the Club Champs. Essentially you get a better score if you run better than expected for your current handicap so it rewards individual improvement.

A few things to note

  • It is your responsibility to enter and pay for each race entry
  • To get a time for a parkrun you will need a barcode. These are free and obtained by registering at and then printing it or ordering a key tag/writ band
  • Please when entering the race make sure you include Hyde Village Striders as your club
  • Distances of the races vary but you can do all 6 as 5ks if you wish.

Scoring - RunBritain

We will rank the RunBritain Scores and award the following points for each race.

Rank Points
1 50
2 45
3 40
4 36
5 32
6 28
7 24  
8 22
9 20
10 18
11 17
12 16

Points then reducing by 1 point for ranking below 12 down to a minimum of 5 points. All participants finishing will be awarded a minimum of 5 points for each championship race. Don't forget that you can run in as many events in the championship as you like and your best six performances will count.

If you haven’t seen RunBriatin it is a Handicap System (similar to golf) which gives you a score based on your time compared to your RunBritain Ranking (ie your handicap). Your handicap is based on your best 5 races – with a heavier weighting given to more recent runs. As it is only your best 5 that count towards your handicap – running a slow race will not worsen your handicap – it just won’t count.

There is more detail on the website

See Gareth or Dominic at the club to explain it further if needed.