Training Groups

We have organised the training groups to ensure that there will be leaders available across a wide range of paces.

Members are free to run with any group as long as they fit in with the pace of the group. It makes it hard for the leaders if people run off the front of the group as it tends to string the group out and often the leaders need to keep a close eye on the back of the group where people usually need more support. So, if you choose to run with a group that you are faster than, please help to keep the group together by not running on ahead.

Feel free to change groups as it suits you.

The groups are usually as follows:

Group Pace (min/mile) Leaders
1 11:30-13:00min miles Stride on group Sarah Fox-Hassall
2 10:30-11:30 min miles Gail Johnson
3 10:00-10:30 min miles Rachael Horrocks 
4 8:45-9:45 min miles Mike Mason & Adge Barker
5 Sub 8:30 min miles Matt Dickinson/Aiden Moyles