Club coaches


Mike Mason - Head Coach (Level 2 Endurance)

Mike has been actively promoting the inclusive ethos of our club since the very beginning. Having many years of training and racing experience under his belt in both running and triathlon he gained Level 2 Coach status in 2005 …. Knowledgeable and approachable is how we’d describe him as a coach. Here’s what he says about himself..

"I've loved being a strider for almost 20 years now. It is a special club in many ways but one of the things I'm most proud of is the all inclusive spirit we have within the club. It doesn't matter what pace you can run a mile at we welcome all runners. We have some really good standard Club runners who regularly get great times in races. We also have many runners who's goals are simply to complete races of certain distances and times are not as important. This diversity I feel is so important in encouraging new members to join us. Nobody is made to feel like they are too slow or pressured to participate in events. They are all just Striders!

I love passing on my experience from many years of running and multi-sports events. I've taken part in events in different countries over a range of distances and disciplines. 

Some of my proudest achievements include. Escape from Alcatraz Triathon, L'Alpe d'huez Triathlon, 5 x Ironman triathlons, Helvellyn Triathlon and 22 marathons so far. There are still plenty of events I'd love to do and combining them with my love to travel makes it even better.

Happy Running!"



Liz Mason (Assistant Coach)

Hi, I'm Liz Mason. 

I became a coach at HVS in 2005 and really enjoy sharing my experience and enthusiasm for running with others. I love nothing more than helping runners to reach for their goals, discover new routes and get as much enjoyment from running as I do.

I started running in Sept 2003 on the Stride out running programme and joined Hyde Village Striders straight after. 

Within a year I was training for my 1st Marathon which was the 2004 London Marathon. Over the years I have taken part in races from 5K right up to Ultra distance, Triathlon, Cross Country and various other muddy challenges.  My favourite race/events are the Lakeland 50, The Tour of Tameside and The London Marathon.

I love the LL50 which I did back in 2018 as it so well organized and definitely put me out of my comfort zone. 

The Tour of Tameside As they say - If you know you know! One every runner should do! The London Marathon is like having a fun run with hundreds of like minded people. 


In 2022 I'm doing a few Ultra distance runs but my main race/event is the LL50 which I’ll be doing again in July.

Elizabeth Rourke (Leader in Running Fitness)

I enjoy running the Stride Out sessions which gives new and returning runners the opportunity to take part in an 11 week programme to support, encourage and build confidence in their running.

It gives me a great deal of pride to be able to lead this course, I have been running for over half a century and I just love being part of this amazing club.  

Matt Dickinson (Leader in Running Fitness)

I love being a run leader as running with a group allows you to totally switch off from the pressures of work and daily life. There’s also nothing better than seeing one of your group get a new PB or taking on a challenge they didn’t think they could do. Personally I would like run a sub 3 hour marathon (mainly so I can get into the London Marathon) and to maybe enter a race abroad.


I started running like many because I was a bit over weight and wanting to get fit. Running gave me a new focus helped me feel better and make a lot of new friends. After doing my first half marathon in 2018 (which felt like the hardest thing ever) I decided to join Hyde Village Striders to keep pushing myself and haven’t looked back. My favourite distance is half marathon as for me it seems the right balance of speed and endurance. My favourite races to date are Conwy half for the stunning scenery and Manchester Marathon for the amazing support. 


Gail Johnson (Leader in Running Fitness)

I joined HVS in 2014 after completing the stride out course. I wanted to improve my fitness, reduce stress, manage my weight and stop myself from becoming a couch potato.  I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy running and I have met lots of nice people along the way. The support and the camaraderie during training and races is amazing. Since then I have ran 3 marathons (1 virtual), lots of 10k and half marathons which really didn’t seem possible until I joined HVS. I became a run leader so that I could encourage and support other runners and help them to achieve their goals. 

I have only one regret and that is I wish I had started running sooner.

Rachael Horrocks (Leader in Running Fitness)

I am proud to be a run leader at HVS. I have led groups working towards their first 10K and groups training for their first half marathon and full marathon.  Seeing others achieving the goals they didn’t think possible really motivates me. I love the community feel of our club and how helpful and supportive everyone is. I like to encourage as many people as I can to come and run as I feel if I can do it anyone can.


I started running myself on the clubs Stride Out course in 2012 thinking I’d do the Manchester 10k the following May and that would be it. 10 years later I’m still here with 4 marathons under my belt. I love taking part in races of all distances and cross country. The Tour of Tameside is my absolute favourite event and the 2022 Tour will be my 4th. 

Joanne Egerton (Leader in Running Fitness)

Being a run leader enables me to support our running community in achieving their goals, whether that be to keep fit, to improve their running ability, or to just come and have a social run with us. If it makes you happy, then Im happy to be able to help.

I joined HVS on a beginners course in 2013 and have never looked back! I love running, the running community, and I love racing at events. I get to visit loads of different places, which is also why I love Parkrun!! I enjoy road, trail, and fell running, so a i’m bit of an all rounder really. My favourite place to run is up in the hills which is why I particularly enjoy events in Sheffield and Yorkshire so much. I also enjoy taking part in Triathlons and cycling events.

My biggest achievements is cycling a 100 mile route from Manchester to Liverpool, and most recently running the Windermere marathon everyday for 10 consecutive days for charity.

Adge Barker (Leader in Running Fitness)

Adge Barker at Stride Through The Woods

Kath Hadley - Assistant run leader

I joined the club after completing the Stride out course in 2015 .  Running didn't come easy to me at first.  I felt most comfortable running with beginners and assisting Elizabeth on the Stride out courses. I'd enjoy being back marker with the group. I have really enjoyed doing the courses over the years seeing beginners go on to great achievements. After covid and lock down I set up a rehab group for those wanting to get their running mojos back and in 2022 I took the lead role in the new Stride out course which was an absolute honour!

My greatest achievement to-date is completing the Manchester 10k with my fellow run leader Sue Stewart in 2021, we are a great team together!  My personal goal is to enjoy getting out running with like minded people and to keep myself active and fit.

Sue Stewart (Leader in Running Fitness)