Club coaches

Senior Coaches

Mike Mason - Head Coach (Level 2 Endurance)

Mike has been running for ages and has done plenty of races, both long and short. He is very approachable and is happy to advise on training plans for events or any running issues members have.

For more info on Mike click the link above, or his picture.

Mike Mason

Mike Gubbins (Level 2 Endurance)

The other Mike has lots of enthusiasm and has been getting faster this year. He attributes this in part to plenty of cycling.

Mike Gubbins

Assistant Coaches and Leaders

Liz Mason (Assistant Coach)

I started as a complete beginner in 2003 and ran my 1st Marathon which was London in 2004. I fell in love with running right from the start! I just wanted everyone to run.

That's what encouraged me to become a coach. My aim in life is to get as many people I meet along the way to start running! If I can do it anyone can! And it's free!! I also completed my 1st olympic distance triathlon this year and am hoping to do a few more smiley

Liz Mason
Caroline Sorriento (Assistant Coach) Caroline Sorriento
Claire Pitcher (Assistant Coach) Claire Pitcher

Sally Gubbins (Leader in Running Fitness)

After following the Stride Out beginners programme, Sally vowed that she was never going to run more than 3 miles but has been bitten by the running bug and is currently training for her first marathon. She also takes part in the odd triathlon and loves open water swimming.

Sally Gubbins


Adge Barker (Leader in Running Fitness) Adge Barker at Stride Through The Woods

Rachael Horrocks (Leader in Running Fitness)

I started running to get fit and have a bit of 'me' time on the Sept 2012 Strideout course and been hooked since. Up to now I have completed several 10k races and 1 half marathon with another one planned later this year. In a moment of madness I entered the ballot for the 2015 London Marathon so lets see what that brings.
I love running and like to get as many people as I can to come and join the fun at Hyde Striders so moving onto to coaching was the next step!

Kim Bennett (Leader in Running Fitness)

I started the Strideout beginners programme in May 2013 and became hooked.  I love the support and encouragement the club gives, everyone is friendly and willing to give help and advice. It was this support that got me through two half marathons in my first of year running and the reason I became a coach. I hope to encourage as many people as I can to enjoy running.  If I can do it, anyone can!

Alan Gibbon (Leader in Running Fitness)

I've always enjoyed running, mainly as a recreational hobby and an easy way to keep fit, I've entered many races over my time as I find a date in the calendar concentrates my mind not to mention the fun and nerves of race day and the satisfaction of completing the distance.

The only time I can remember not running is for a 5 year gap I concentrated on Martial Arts namely Kick Boxing, but after reaching my grades and avoiding black eyes along the way I migrated back to running as my main sport. Having joined Hyde Village Striders late 2013 I was asked to help with the Stride Out program and support the new runners, to see people develop, grow in confidence and reach their goals through the program is an amazing feeling and I wish you all “happy running”

Pam Brereton (Leader in Running Fitness)

I always thought running wasn't for me until I joined Hyde Striders in the summer of 2014. The support and encouragement I have received from the club has been amazing and I have definitely made some lifetime friendships.

I have just completed my third Half Marathon this year and have another one planned  for October 2016, I am also working towards doing the Manchester Marathon in April 2017 (yikes did I just say that !!)

It is great to be involved with a club that is growing from strength to strength each year, I love being a Hyde Strider Coach and look forward to welcoming and supporting new members all the time.



Elizabeth Rourke (Leader in Running Fitness)

I enjoy running the Stride Out sessions which gives new and returning runners the opportunity to take part in an 11 week programme to support, encourage and build confidence in their running.

It gives me a great deal of pride to be able to lead this course, I have been running for over half a century and I just love being part of this amazing club.  

Debbie Barras (Leader in Running Fitness)

I started running in January 2016 when I joined the 11 week Stride Out programme and instantly loved it. Since completing the Stride Out, I’ve taken part in many events including the 2017 London Marathon which is one of my proudest moments.

Running has become such a positive influence, it’s improved my overall fitness including my mental health, it is something I turn to after a bad day and has introduced me to so many wonderful people and supportive friends.

I now love being a Run Leader to help and encourage other runners after completing their Stride Out course.