Race reports

Dennis the Menace 5 mile trail race - Tame valley - 6th June 2012

Adge chasing a Harrier!

Dennis the menace 5 is a great little scamper round the canal paths & trails of the Tame valley.

It has a sharp end start out of the fields & onto a steep downhill that sets the tone for the rest of the race, but don't get giddy.

Quick in some places but always be aware of what's around its many corners, with some cheeky little climbs, odd jump over a stream, & run around a football pitch.

It has plenty of stiles....& a slippy staircase to boot. Beware of harriers in the area!

In all 2 laps of great fun with free hotpot at the pub when you've gritted it out.

Great for a first time trail race...
Adge Barker (seen chasing a Harrier in the photo)



Gravy Pud 5 mile fell race - Tintwistle – December 2011

What is better than coming first in a race? Coming last because in my recent race that is exactly what I did and I got a prize for it. On the morning of Sunday 4th December the weather was very cold, wet and windy which could only mean one thing – this was going to be a tough race! Myself and three fellow Striders, Dominic Sexton, Sammi Millns and Scott Matthews decided to venture to the hills of Tintwistle for the Annual Gravy Pud fell race.

Although this was not my first fell race, as I set off I started to think that this was not the most sensible idea and I would rather have been in bed! I soon found myself staring at the backs of the other runners and after a mile I was clearly on my own. As I was pounding over the moors gettingWinning cake rather wet and muddy I suddenly looked up and saw this steep grassy hill that the leaders were running up. The prospect of climbing that hill filled me with dread but I had to do it. Even the torrential hail stones couldn’t stop me climbing that hill. After reaching the top at the 2 mile marker it was refreshing to know that the rest of the race was downhill but to my horror it was even muddier. Continuing to slip and slide all over the place through the nature reserve, which was very scenic, the thought of a nice pint and a hot bath at the end of the race kept me going. After crossing the finish line my hard work was rewarded in the Bulls Head pub with a pint of cider and homemade Bangers and Mash. (Great pub with great food!)


I would recommend this race to any fell runner as it was a great race despite the conditions. I hope to see more Striders on the route next year when I will be aiming for a pb.

Sharon Molloy


Rest of the cake field


Cheddleton Christmas Pudding 10k – Cheddleton - November 2011

The morning after the night before and the realisation that I had a 10k race to complete was not the most appealing. However seven magnificent Strider ladies and our supporters took to the streets of the quiet village of Cheddleton, Staffordshire for the Annual Pudding Run. Many of the ladies, myself included, were suffering with mild hangover’s following the previous evening’s festivities at the Striders Awards Ball.

The race consists of a hilly 3 lap course. The first part of the lap is mostly uphill through country lanes with the second part being downhill through a residential area with a sharp steep downhill section at the end. It’s not the most scenic route I’ve run but I did get to admire some very nice houses. A few of us got pb’s and after the hugs and congratulations at the finish line we all received our prize which was a giant Christmas pudding which made a nice change from the usual medal. We all celebrated at the Knott Inn pub on the way home with wine and good traditional homemade food.

This is a fabulous race to do and challenging over the hills and I will certainly be running this again next year – without the hangover!

Sharon Molloy

Striders ladies team at Cheddleton Pudding Race (the gents were resting after the ball)

Lady Striders posing at Cheddleton

Cheshire Duathlon - 06/11/11

There was a fantastic turnout from the club for this event with 18 entrants,  many members trying out multisport for the first time. There were lots of excellent results and a Striders 1st and 2nd from Mike Mason and Mike Gubbins in the sprint distance. Well done to all.

Team Striders at the Cheshire Duathlon


Liverpool Marathon - 09/10/11

The Long and Winding Road Race

Liverpool Marathon saw a fantastic turnout of Striders, for most it was their first marathon. All the club members did very well despite the delayed start, wind on the Wirral, lumpy bits of Liverpool and, towards the end, rain.

There was also a great turn out of supporters to cheers the Striders on. The experienced marathoners got PBs and the newbies notched up great firsts.

Hopefully, when the aches subside, one or more of them will write up a personal report. In the meantime here are the results.





and some pics

Team TravelodgeLadies in the parkLiving the dream!

The Ashbourne Half marathon - September 11th 2011

Three years ago I went along to Ashbourne to watch my partner take part in the Ashbourne Half Marathon.  I did think at the time he must be mad, however here I am three years later doing the same thing.


On the morning of the race the usual nerves kicked in, I had the doubts that have I done enough training? Can I do the distance? Will I be last?


In the race pack we received a detailed profile so I knew it would be a race not for the faint hearted but perfect for a challenge. Once I arrived my nerves soon vanished as the atmosphere was very relaxed and I soon realised there was no pressure and my aim was to enjoy myself.  Soon enough we were off. The race starts at the east of the town and the runners run south and steadily uphill for a mile, this I soon found out would be the first of many tough tough climbs!


The crowds were fantastic and the support on route from the marshalls and the public were very encouraging. The scenery was beautiful and one of the best routes I have ever run,  It takes you through the country side and at 10 miles you cut through a national park along side the sheep who are lay down with a very big smug look on their face wondering what all these crazy people are doing running by. The hills are challenging but with a bit of grit and determination you will be at the top before you know it but what goes up must come down and there is some very fast down hill sections.


This race is not about a PB its more about the taking part and finishing with a sense of pride and knowing you have just finished one heck of a demanding Half Marathon.


Miss Stacey Holt

Stacey and Danny after the Ashbourne half

Danny and Stacey looking fresh after the Ashbourne Half

Saddleworth 6 - Wednesday 10th August 2011

Myself, Stacey Holt & 200 brave souls considering the horrendous weather took part in the Saddleworth 6 mile road race on the 10th August which was a 2 lap course around the scenic village of Greenfield.

The course is generally a fast flat route with 2 small climbs on each of the laps but as they say what goes up must come down & this is where your time can be made up on some steady long downhill sections. The race was well supported by local residents, other local running club members who were not running & friends & family of the competitors who cheered everyone on all the way round even though the rain came down heavily from start to finish.

I would recommend this race to all Hyde Striders of all abilities who would like the experience of a competitive competition race without it being too serious & a real friendly atmosphere around the distance of 6 mile/10k. Here is hoping to see a lot more Hyde Strider vests taking to the streets of Greenfield next year!!!

Danny McDermott



Black Knight Charge - Wednesday 13 July 2011

There was a small group from the club at this local off-road six miler. The lady Striders did us proud with a second place team and collected a bottle of wine each for their efforts. Well done to Liz Mason who also won her age category, again!


The Striders team after the ladies scoped their prize

From the left: Dominic Sexton, Liz Mason, Mike Mason, Julie-Ann Peart, Stacey Holt, Danny McDermott, Sharon Molloy