Hilly Four

Up Yew tree, left Salisbury Dv, down Quarry Rise, over High St to Bayley St, left Clarence St, up Sandy Ln, right Oxford Rd, left Birch Ln, right Boyds Wk, left King St, White Bridge, left Dewsnap, YT, Astley.

The 1 & 1/2 hills

Down YT, right Birch Ln, iTrain, Duki Morissons, brow of the hill, left Chapel St, right King St, right at lights Astley St, former Old General, left Crescent Rd, right Park Rd, over Sandy Ln, right Tame St, left at lights High St, right Quarry Rise, left Salisbury Dv, to end, right YT.

Mottram and a bit more

Left CHR, left Ashton Rd, Cheshire Cheese, Duke of Sussex, Railway, Halton St, left Mottram Rd, Godley St, all the way up past the former New Inn to the roundabout, cross with care to the right, watching out for nutters hoofing it off the roundabout towards Gee Cross,straight on to Mottram, cross to left, left Stalybridge Rd, left Roe Cross Rd, cross to right, Deep Cutting (hello Mr Frog) Waggon & Horses, Dog & Pa

Stalybridge, Mottram, Hyde

Down Yew Tree, right Cheetham Hill Rd, right High St, to end, right Mottram Rd, up, up and away, cross to left after Stalybridge Celtic and stay on the left until the former Roe Cross pub then cross to right again, right at mini-roundabout Stalybridge Rd, right at lights Hyde Rd, cross to left as soon as poss, definately well before the roundabout, bear left at roundabout then cross Stockport Rd via the cycle path with great care, looking out for nu