Duki, canal, Shepley, river trail, Apethorn, TPT, Godley

Down YT, over CHR, R Birch Ln, L Boyds, R King St, L Astley St, R down slope to lift bridge, L on canal towards Hyde, R just before 2nd bridge to Shelpey, down and through dip then cross and L Broomstairs Rd, river trail to Hyde (6m option straight back via Bennett St), R Manchester Rd, L down track, through two gates then L, over Mill Ln, stay on river trail, up steps, down steps, L over Gibraltar Bridge, L, stay on main trail up under canal then round S bends to Apethorn, up then L to disused railway line (Trans Pennine Trail), stay on trail until 7.8m then exit L through squeeze stile and fork R to Firethorn Dv, to end, R Almopnd Wy, to end, L Station Rd, over Mottram Rd to Sheffield Rd, becomes High St, to end, R Commercial Brow, Duke of Sussex, Ashton Rd, R CHR, R YT, Astley.