10 miles

Godley, TPT, Haughton, Denton, Duki

Down YT, left CHR, left Ashton Rd, Duke of Sussex, Commercial Brow, left High St, becomes Sheffiled Rd, Godley Stn, straight over Mottram Rd then left and right at the end of the terrace up Brookfield Ln, right Almond Wy, left Firethorn, to end, left to Trans Pennine Trail (TPT), right, all the way to Apethorn Ln, R down to the bottom, join the trail to Gibraltar Bridge, over then up Gibraltar Ln, to top, L Haughton Gn Ln, to junction before (Haughton) green with picture frame and b

Hyde, Green Ln, Gee X, Hyde, Duki, Whitelands

Down YT, L CHR, Ashton Rd, Commercial Brow, L Mottram Rd, R St Pauls Hill Rd, bear L, over bridge, up Green Ln, R Mottram Rd, past Alder Sch, R Werneth Av, R Stockport Rd, L James North* clock roundabout, R Union St, straight on Clark Wy, R Newton St, L Duki Rd, White Bridge, L Globe Ln, Globe, R Astley St, L Charles St, becomes Wharf St, over King St, L Crescent Rd, R Whitelands Rd, straight on Bayley St, R High St, L CHR,

Ashton, Ridge Hill, Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Whitelands

Down YT, over CHR, R Birch Ln, Duki Morrisions, down Crescent Brow, right Whitelands, before the houses on the left up the trail, through fields, following either path to go L over rail bridge to Mabs Cl, R Currier Ln, straight on Stamford St, up through Stamford Park, R Darnton Rd, L Springs Ln, up over the hill, becomes Ridge Hill Ln, after Monkey Puzzle tree on R L Staveley Av, to end, L Wakefield Rd, R Printworks Rd, R Spring Bank Ln, over river

Ashton, Guide Bridge, Audsenshaw, Littlemoss, Ashton

Down YT, over CHR, R Birch Ln, Duki Morrisons, former Old General, L Astley St, R, King St, Asda Ashton, L Park Pde, Guide Bridge, straight on Guide Bridge Theatre, L Audenshaw Rd, Indian Plaza, roundabout, straight on, former Blue Pig, former Lockwood & Greenwood, over at lights then L, R Ashton Hill Ln, R Williamson Ln, over Droylesden Rd to path, left to tarmac path at T junction, to Moorside St, R, becomes Littlemoss Rd, becomes Lumb Ln, shortly after the houses fininsh R Croos Ln t

Duki, canal, Shepley, river trail, Apethorn, TPT, Godley

Down YT, over CHR, R Birch Ln, L Boyds, R King St, L Astley St, R down slope to lift bridge, L on canal towards Hyde, R just before 2nd bridge to Shelpey, down and through dip then cross and L Broomstairs Rd, river trail to Hyde (6m option straight back via Bennett St), R Manchester Rd, L down track, through two gates then L, over Mill Ln, stay on river trail, up steps, down steps, L over Gibraltar Bridge, L, stay on main trail up under can

Stalybridge, Ashton, Duki, Hyde

Down YT, right CHR, to end, right High St, becomes Acres Ln, left Mottram Rd, becomes Stamford St, bear left at lights then right at next lights Ridge Hill Ln, becomes Darnton Rd, sharp left at lights Montague Rd, over Beaufort Rd, right Stamdord St, left then bear right Currier Ln, left Whitelands, becoems Crescent Rd, right Wharf St, left King St, White Bridge, Victoria St, Duki Rd, Newton St, Clark Wy, Aldi, Gt N

Duki, Ashton, Guide Bridge, Shepley, Hyde

Down YT, over CHR, right Birch Ln, Duki Morrisons, right Oxford Rd, left Sandy Ln, left Park Rd, bear left, over Crescent Rd to Wharf St, right King St, Asda Ashton, left Park Pde, cross over at one way system, Ashton Police Stn, over M60, left at lights Moss Wy, Ashton Fire Stn, right at lights Audenshaw Rd, Indian Plaza, left at roundabout Stamford Rd, Sun Inn, Shepley, Globe, Globe Ln, White Bridge, right Victoria St, becomes Duki Rd, to end, right Newto

Ashton, Audenshaw, Denton, Hyde

Down YT, right CHR, straight on Tame St, right Clarence St, left Whitelands Rd, to end, left Crescent Rd, right Wharf St, right King St, Asda Ashton, left Park Pde, cross at one way system, Ashton Police Stn, straight on, over M60, past Snipe, over canal bridge, sharp left at the lights (car sales was formerly Lockwood & Greenwood) Audenshaw Rd, over M60, former Blue Pig, right at roundabout Stamford Rd, right at mini-roundabout Corpora

Stalybridge, Duki, Hyde, Gee Cross

Down YT, right CHR,to end, right High St, left Caroline St, to end, left Market St, becomes Rassbottom St, to top, left opp Stamford Pk left Clarence St, right  Whitelands Rd, left Crescent Rd, right Wharf St, left King St, White Bridge straight on Victoria St, becomes Duki Rd to end, right Newton St, right Clark Wy, right Manchester Rd, cross to Aldi,  leftt Gt Norbury St, to top, left Church St, right Higher Henry St, rig

Stalybridge, Ashton, The Moss, Audenshaw, Shepley, Duki

Down YT, right CHR, right High St, left Canal St, right Grosvenor St, through Stalybridge town centre, left, past Greggs, over the river and left Market St, up past Stalybridge station then bear left Stamford St, cross to right, after Stamford Park bear right Beaufort Rd, to end, over Mossley Rd and bear left to Penny Meadow, right at lights to follow the new road to Ikea  keeping on the right side of Lord Sheldon Wy follow it all the way to the