Hyde Park, Hyde, Gee Cross, TPT, Godley

Down YT, L CHR, L Ashton Rd, R Lodge Ln, L Hyde Park, weave scenically through the park and emerge on Park Rd, R Clark Wy, to end, R Manchester Rd, Aldi Hyde, L Gt Norbury St, top, L Church St, R Higher Henry St, R Downson Rd, R Grosvenor Rd, L opposite the end of the flats, over bridge and down to right then join the TPT goimng under the bridge we just came over, exit L to Firethorn Dv, R Almond Wy, L track, over Mottram Rd Sheffiled Rd, High St, R Commercial Brow, Ashton Rd, R CHR, YT, Astley.