6 miles

Fields to Newton, Hyde Park, PF Canal, Duki

Up YT, 3rd right Queensway, over the fields to Newton, right Bradley green Rd, left path, zig n zag, R St Mary's Rd, R Talbot Rd, L Mill St, R Lodge St, over Ashton Rd to Lodge Ln, L Hyde Park, zig n zag down to woods then follow parkrun route, up to cafe and exit, over to Park Dv, bear L Newton St, R before church then down path alongside cricket pitch fence, L Duki Rd, R Nursery Rd, down ramp to canal towards Ashton (away from M67) stay on canal  exit over lift bridge, L

Stalybridge, Staly Way, Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Tame St

Down YT, R CHR, R High St, becomes Acres Ln, to end, L Mottram Rd, R Huddersfield Rd, past Copley, down the hill then L at lights Grove Rd, just before building (Grove Rd Depot) left then through the gap and up the trail to left, at top go R, follow trail to end then down steps to canal, left on canal, canal though Stalybridge, Tame aquaduct* leave canal at wooden fence, up the alley to Tame St, L Tame St, straight on CHR, left YT, Astley.

Hyde, Green Ln, Gee X, Hyde

Down YT, L CHR, Ashton Rd, Commercial Brow, L Mottram Rd, R St Pauls Hill Rd, bear L, over bridge, up Green Ln, R Mottram Rd, past Alder Sch, R Werneth Av, R Stockport Rd, L James North* clock roundabout, R Union St, straight on Clark Wy, R after M67 lights, over M67 footbridge, Commercial St, L Commercial Brow, R Ashton Rd , R CHR, L YT, Astley

Hyde Park, Hyde, Gee Cross, TPT, Godley

Down YT, L CHR, L Ashton Rd, R Lodge Ln, L Hyde Park, weave scenically through the park and emerge on Park Rd, R Clark Wy, to end, R Manchester Rd, Aldi Hyde, L Gt Norbury St, top, L Church St, R Higher Henry St, R Downson Rd, R Grosvenor Rd, L opposite the end of the flats, over bridge and down to right then join the TPT goimng under the bridge we just came over, exit L to Firethorn Dv, R Almond Wy, L track, over Mottram Rd Sheffiled Rd, High St, R Commercial Brow, Ashton Rd, R CHR, YT, Astley.

Newton, Gorse Hall, Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Duki

Up YT, 3rd right Queensway, over the fields to Newton, left Bradley green Rd, left Talbot Rd, left after phone box, across small green then down path alongside churchyard, through stile to golf course, up path then left at end of high fence, watch out for golfers as you cross fairways on footpath to Yew Tree, left down road then right Tennyson Av, [Effort 1: from the first right up to Macauley Ave] through gap to Gorse Hall

Wharf, Charles, Globe, Bennett, Boyds

Down YT, over CHR, right Birch Ln, Duki Morrisons, straight on, down Crescent Brow, left Wharf St, over King St to Charles St, right Astley St, Globe, left Globe Ln,  White Bridge, right Victoria St, becomes Duki Rd, left Lwr Bennett St, cross to right, over wobbly footbridge, up Bennett St, left Ashton Rd, left Markham St, left Johnsonbrook Rd, rigth Victoria St, White Bridge once more, King St,

Whitelands, Wharf, Globe, Hyde

Down YT, right CHR, straight on Tame St, right Clarence St, left Whitelands Rd, to end, left Crescent Rd, right Wharf St, over King St, becomes Charles St, right Astley St, Globe, Globe Ln, White Bridge, right Victoria St, becomes Duki Rd, to end, left Old Rd, right Bennett St, left Ashton Rd, CHR, right YT, Astley

Hyde, Godley, Hyde, Duki

Down YT, left CHR, left Ashton Rd, Duke of Sussex, Commercial Brow, Halton St, left Mottram Rd Godley Station, left Sheffield Rd, becomes High St, right Commercial Brow, left Commercial St, to end, straight on up path then bear right Clark Wy, right Newton St, left Duki Rd, White Bridge, King St, right Boyds Wk right Birch Ln, left  YT, Astley.

Oxford, Crescent, Globe, Throstle

Down YT, right CHR, left Oxford Rd, right Sandy Ln, left Park Rd, fork left, cross then left Crescent Rd right Astley St, over King St, Astley St continues, Globe, left Globe Ln,  White Bridge, right Victoria St, becomes Duki Rd, left Throstle Bank St, left Old Rd, right Bennett St, left Ashton Rd, right CHR, right YT, Astley.