Hyde, Green Ln, Gee X, Hyde, Duki, Whitelands

Down YT, L CHR, Ashton Rd, Commercial Brow, L Mottram Rd, R St Pauls Hill Rd, bear L, over bridge, up Green Ln, R Mottram Rd, past Alder Sch, R Werneth Av, R Stockport Rd, L James North* clock roundabout, R Union St, straight on Clark Wy, R Newton St, L Duki Rd, White Bridge, L Globe Ln, Globe, R Astley St, L Charles St, becomes Wharf St, over King St, L Crescent Rd, R Whitelands Rd, straight on Bayley St, R High St, L CHR, L YT, Astley

* James North's Clock stands at the roundabout next to the former Ring 'o' Bells public house. It used to be within the confines of James North Factory before its demolition to make way for a housing estate circa 1998.