Fields to Newton, Hyde Park, PF Canal, Duki

Up YT, 3rd right Queensway, over the fields to Newton, right Bradley green Rd, left path, zig n zag, R St Mary's Rd, R Talbot Rd, L Mill St, R Lodge St, over Ashton Rd to Lodge Ln, L Hyde Park, zig n zag down to woods then follow parkrun route, up to cafe and exit, over to Park Dv, bear L Newton St, R before church then down path alongside cricket pitch fence, L Duki Rd, R Nursery Rd, down ramp to canal towards Ashton (away from M67) stay on canalĀ  exit over lift bridge, L Astley St, over King St, R Crescent Rd, becomes Birch Ln, L YT, Astley.