Newton, Hyde, St Anne's, Duki, Whitelands

Down YT, left CHR, left Ashton Rd, McColls, left Talbot Rd, up to Co-op, right Victoria St, Duke of Sussex, left Commercial Brow, Halton St, left Mottram Rd, right Grange Rd N, becomes Mansfield Rd, over to Smithy Ln, right Market St, left Dowson Rd, right Higher Henry St, left Church St, right Gt Norbury St, Aldi, left Manchester Rd, Broomstairs, right St Anne's, Penny Frathing, right Sandbrook Wy, becomes Cemertery Rd, right Shepley, cross to left, Globe, left Astley St, left Charles St, becomes Wharf St, over King St, left Crescent Rd, right Whitelands, right Clarence St, left Tame St, straight over CHR, left YT, Asltey