Haughton Gn, Bredbury, Woodley, Hyde

Down YT, left CHR, left Ashton Rd, Cheshire Cheese, right Bennett St, left at mini-roundabout Old Rd, becomes Newton St, right Clark Wy, right Manchester Rd, Cheshire Ring, Whitegates Inn, left Mill Ln, up, right at mini-rounabout Two Trees Ln, Cock Hotel,to end, left Stockport Rd, Fletchers Arms, Arden Arms, cross to right, Robinson's brewery, Mac D's, left Stockport Rd, Woodley Arms, Navigation Hotel, White Hart, Joshua Bradley, all the way to Hyde, left Market St, right Union St, right Mottram Rd, The Sportsman, left Halton St, Commercial Brow, Railway Inn, Duke of Sussex, Ashton Rd, Cheshire Cheese, right CHR, right YT, Astley.