10 miles

Mottram and a bit more

Left CHR, left Ashton Rd, Cheshire Cheese, Duke of Sussex, Railway, Halton St, left Mottram Rd, Godley St, all the way up past the former New Inn to the roundabout, cross with care to the right, watching out for nutters hoofing it off the roundabout towards Gee Cross,straight on to Mottram, cross to left, left Stalybridge Rd, left Roe Cross Rd, cross to right, Deep Cutting (hello Mr Frog) Waggon & Horses, Dog & Pa

Loopy then Duki & Hyde

CHR, Lodge Ln, down Sandy Ln, left Park Rd, right Crescent Rd, right Whitelands, right Clarence St, left Tame St, right at lights, Oxford Rd, right Foundry St, Duki Morrisons, left Old General to Astley St, over King St, Globe, Globe Ln, White Bridge (6m opt goes straight back), right Victoria St, Duki Rd, right Newton St, right Clark Wy, right Manchester Rd, left Aldi, Gt Norbury St, to top, left Church St, right Higher Henry St

Ashton, Guide Bridge, Denton, Mill Ln, Hyde, Newton

Down YT, right CHR, to the lights, left Oxford Rd, to the lights, right Foundry St, Duki Morrisons, down Crescent Brow, left Wharf St, right Cavendish St, Asda Ashton, left Park Pde, keep left at one way system Stockport Rd, smell the freshly baked Hill Biscuits, left Guide Ln, Sun Inn (6m option straight back from here) Crown Pt, straight on, at lights straight on Two Trees Ln, to end, left Mill Ln

Stalybridge, Ashton, The Moss, Lockwood, Shepley, Duki Rd, Bennett St

Down YT, right CHR, right High St, after lights 3rd left Canal St, right to Stalybridge town centre pedestrian area, left, past Greggs, to end, left Market St, up past station, bear left at lights Stamford St, cross to right, right Beaufort Rd, to end, over and bear left Penny Meadow, bear right to new road, straight on to Ikea (6m option goes left at lights just before Ikea), round the right of the Ikea roundabout then follow Lord Sheldon Wy to Manchester